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Your one stop shop for all celtic healing relaxation or meditation music. We also offer free music downloads.

Why Choose Us?

Our music serves as an addition to health and wellness program, making it easier for you to better handle stressful situations, increase self awareness and focus on the present moment.                                                      

We create an enabling environment for relaxation in any meditational technique you choose to practice.                                                  

 We have helped people with obsessive thinking and worries who use mindful meditation techniques.

Before I used this music, I struggled with mindfulness and I tried everything I could.I even took courses online still I couldn't get results.            

 But when I tried Parrybeats music, then I started being comfortable whenever my mind brings up buried mental content.                          

So if you've been struggling with other practises, I can't recommend Parrybeats music enough.

Mary Smith
local celebrity

I tried everything possible to stop lonely feelings, yet the feelings kept coming back.        

That's when I decided to give relax music a try, now with everyday listening the feelings of loneliness are gone.                                                 

If your looking for any conscious awareness methods, don't look further because with Parrybeats relax music you can have it and find that deep connection you deserve.

Erik Johnson
Los Angeles, California

Before now, being present in the moment was hard work for me, sometimes I would force myself just to achieve this.                                     

Just when I found out about meditation, then I stumbled on Parrybeats kind of music.Within months I got enlightened and started seeing improvements.                                                          

So I highly recommend "healing" for being present in the moment, because it helps relax the mind.

Amanda Mitchell
Lincoln, Virginia

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Welcome to Parrybeats, your number one source for your receptive relax music.                     

We are dedicated to providing you the best of relax music with a focus on dependability, customer service and deeper connections.         

We are working to turn our passion for Celtic Healing Relaxation into a booming online store.                                                                           

We hope you enjoy our music as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

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